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Is there a Bowl You Want More Than a Broadway Bowl?

Lee  Jenkins seems to think that people want an All-Manning Bowl more than a Jets Giants Broadway Bowl.  False. Some reasons:

1. A Broadway Bowl, even if we are weeks away from the playoffs, will end up being much rarer.  Eli is young, and Peyton is a competitor EVERY year. Plus he’s already won one, so there’s nothing that Eli has that he doesn’t. Eli says he doesn’t even want them to play each other, probably because he would cry at the end.

2.The Jets on the other hand have a 56 year old Brett Farvre at QB.  He hasn’t even committed to playing next year, and I have no interest in seeing Kellen Clemens. This could be the Jets best shot in a while.

So while a Manning Bowl would break the record for most camera shots of huge chins, I think we can wait on it a bit. The Broadway Bowl 09 would be an amazing story in it’s own. I say, pray for The Broadway Bowl.