Bye Bye Burress

The Giants suspended Plaxico Burress, their self-inflicting gun toting defense spreading wide receiver, for the rest of the season.  Odds on a Broadway Bowl have drastically dropped.

What bothers me about this whole story is what is NOT being discussed: Who wears sweat pants to a NYC club? How many times have I been turned away from a place because my shoes looked too much like sneakers. And this dude gets to wear sweatpants into a club?

And of course they aren’t gonna hold his gun up- I guess his draw-string tying game is not on point.  Should have worn those cargo sweat pants.  This story would have been so much better if it slid down the back of his pants and shot him in the ass.


Broadway Bowl Takes a Hit (to the leg)

The Jet’s will play again, but Plaxico may not.  Dom Hixon and Steve Smith are not #17, and they won’t be anytime soon.  It may not show up in the regular season, but Plaxico WAS the Giants in the playoffs last year. 11 catches in freezing Lambeau.  The fade in the Superbowl.  Plax got respect from opposing teams.  And who knows if Antonio Pierce gets any flack from this.  Roger Goodell rules with a heavy hand. How will this affect a Broadway Bowl? At the very least, it will make it that much more dramatic.

Is there a Bowl You Want More Than a Broadway Bowl?

Lee  Jenkins seems to think that people want an All-Manning Bowl more than a Jets Giants Broadway Bowl.  False. Some reasons:

1. A Broadway Bowl, even if we are weeks away from the playoffs, will end up being much rarer.  Eli is young, and Peyton is a competitor EVERY year. Plus he’s already won one, so there’s nothing that Eli has that he doesn’t. Eli says he doesn’t even want them to play each other, probably because he would cry at the end.

2.The Jets on the other hand have a 56 year old Brett Farvre at QB.  He hasn’t even committed to playing next year, and I have no interest in seeing Kellen Clemens. This could be the Jets best shot in a while.

So while a Manning Bowl would break the record for most camera shots of huge chins, I think we can wait on it a bit. The Broadway Bowl 09 would be an amazing story in it’s own. I say, pray for The Broadway Bowl.

10- 0(h) no mo.

While Big Blue may want to celebrate beating team the JETS already dismantled, scoring 34 in the first half on the Cardinals earlier this year, we all know the real story.  Attention Passengers, NY Jets Flight #2009 has arrived. Then Tennessee Titans are Giants no more. A 34-13 thrashing, in which the jets did it all- ran, threw, even got fat Lendale White to start complaining.  It’s just a start, people. Correct, just THE start.

Let’s see if Team NY NFC can  do their part.

The Broadway Bowl!


I’ll start this off.  Everyone is talking about the Titans and the Giants as destined for the Superbowl. but after this week, when the Jets end the Titan’s perfect season, the Broadway Bowl will be on everyone’s mind. No one wants to call it a Subway Superbowl.  That’s already used for Baseball. And besides, they play in the same stadium, and no subway runs there.