Jersey Bowl? don’t think so….

As expected, the buzz on a Jets Giants Championship game is growing. today, Mike Francesa called it a potential “Jersey Bowl”.  UGH.  That’s even worse than the other names.

Don’t let history remember this with a garbage moniker. give it a name for the ages. The Broadway Bowl.



People- This is bad.  a Subway Super Bowl? Or as Will Leicht tried to put it “A Subway Super Bowl Series“?  Stop this.  We are New Yorkers, we are better than this, and we must be heard.  THE BROADWAY BOWL!

10- 0(h) no mo.

While Big Blue may want to celebrate beating team the JETS already dismantled, scoring 34 in the first half on the Cardinals earlier this year, we all know the real story.  Attention Passengers, NY Jets Flight #2009 has arrived. Then Tennessee Titans are Giants no more. A 34-13 thrashing, in which the jets did it all- ran, threw, even got fat Lendale White to start complaining.  It’s just a start, people. Correct, just THE start.

Let’s see if Team NY NFC can  do their part.

The Broadway Bowl!

The Best of the West

Further asserting their domination of the NFC, the GMEN rode into Zona and took out the best the western division had to offer.  The Road to the Broadway Bowl goes through the Meadowlands.

First chance at a BROADWAY BOWL was 1981….

A New York Times article points out only 5 times have both the Jets and the Giants made the playoffs in the same year- 1981, 1985, 1986, 2002, and 2006.

Here is what happened in 1981.

Let’s hope it changes in 2009, and we get a Broadway Bowl!


4 th and 2.  1:57 left on the clock.  Giants, with the ball at midfield, lead 20-17 against that team in Green.  Jets are out of timeouts.  #27  gets the call.  There’s a gaping whole to O’hara’s left.  But that would be too easy.  This is the Superbowl.  No, this is the Broadway Bowl.  Jacobs hesitates to allow Eric Barton to close that gap.  Then Jacobs hits the gas pedal.  Barton doesnt know what hit him.   All he can see as he regains focus is Jacobs’ size 12 cleate marks on his chest and the GMEN celebrating their second consecutive Superbowl.


I’ll start this off.  Everyone is talking about the Titans and the Giants as destined for the Superbowl. but after this week, when the Jets end the Titan’s perfect season, the Broadway Bowl will be on everyone’s mind. No one wants to call it a Subway Superbowl.  That’s already used for Baseball. And besides, they play in the same stadium, and no subway runs there.