We Have Our First Mention In the Press! (Well, sort of)

We here at The Broadway Bowl take this entire thing very seriously. Well some of us. Others don’t want to jinx anything, and still others mock the Jets chances.  After a few days of tracking down every Subway Super Bowl or Jersey Bowl mention on the internet, and every writer who dares uses it, we finally are gaining traction! Will Leitch, he of Deadspin fame, and now of NY magazine, NY Times and infamously Costas Now (go check the video, wait, actually, I’ll bring it to you….)

Anyway, Will emailed us yesterday, saying he loved the name.  Who would have thought it would lead to actual inclusion in an article? Well me, of course, but not many others.  I digress.  Leitch actually called a Jets Giants Superbowl The “Broadway Bowl!” HERE IS THE LINK: RANKING NFL TEAMS.  Of course, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to find it, but that’s just because when the two best teams are from NY, they belong at the end of the article.

SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE. We are on the facebook.  Join the movement.


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